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Gum First Aid Copy



The clean fresh "feeling" that your gums, teeth and mouth have after a professional cleaning is worth an awful lot. Especially if you can use that feeling as a reminder while brushing your teeth and gums.

What does the picture mean?

The picture below is a sketch of the gums and bone around your teeth. The goal of tooth brushing and gum massage is to remove the bio-film of plaque that builds up on the teeth every day. By rubbing your toothbrush or dental floss against your teeth you can remove the layer of bio-film and enhance your fresh feeling and smile. But simply brushing your teeth is not enough. Any area that is below the gum line or in between the teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach will remain covered by the bio-film of plaque. Using dental floss to rub the in between tooth surfaces will remove the plaque from that area. Also, angling the edge of the tooth brush so that the bristles rub against the tooth on the inside of the edge of the gum will remove the plaque as far down as you can reach with the toothbrush bristles.

How to use a feeling to form a habit

Research has shown that a repetitive action forms muscle memory and as that action is maintained a habit is formed. Place the picture below on your bathroom mirror for seven days. Each day as you brush your teeth and massage your gums review this information and recall the clean feeling you had right after your professional cleaning. If you want to rediscover your sensational smile give this a try -- it really works !!!

* Think about it. Movies took the words of radio and enhanced them thousands of times over with pictures. The series of fast changing still pictures that movies are actually made up of often give us a feeling that we leave the theater with. So if you multiply it out a feeling is worth more than a million words. Come in and we will be happy to transfer the feeling of gum massage to you--what your gums actually should feel when you brush. The doctor or hygienist will guide you to the best amount of pressure and angle to use when massaging and cleaning your gums. This will be done with your new complimentary tooth brush. By placing the brush at the proper angle, pressure and movement by both yourself and our staff you will be able to practice the correct feeling of gum brushing . By copying and printing the sketch below, placing it on your mirror at home for seven days and by consciously repeating this gum massage feeling it becomes a habit. Call us and learn this simple hands on technique ( the secret of at home healthy gums).

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