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Thoughts On Soft Tissue Management

The picture on the right shows the basic structures of the teeth and gums. The area to focus attention on is at the junction where the tooth passes into and through the gum tissue. You can think of it as an opening into the body. The tooth sticks out through this "hole" in the gum. All kinds of saliva mixed with food debris and bacteria and whatever else is in your mouth keeps trying to seep in along the crevice and get inside you body. The healthy tight fit of your gums can withstand this 24 hour a day onslought. The key word is healthy. If the crevice or gum pocket around the teeth becomes spongy it can no longer stop the seepage and as the pockets increase in size the seepage starts to infect the bone. When the bone gets infected it melts away and the teeth loosen. It does not have to be that way. With proper gum massage most teeth can be saved. Prior to gum massage current pockets greater than 3 mm have to be eliminated and any tartar stuck to the teeth or roots must be removed.

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