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In a writing sense what I mean by speed is the amount of lead time that my typing one letter at a time keeps pace with the words that make up the thoughts in my head. Sometimes the words come faster than I can type them and I have to slow down the thoughts so that I can write them out one letter at a time. When the thoughts get to be so powerful sometimes I just let the spelling fall to the wayside and try to keep up with the thoughts. When I do this with a pen and paper it becomes difficult to read back later on. In any case the typing actually slows down the thoughts so that they become more coherent than the racing that sometimes occurs when I am just thinking without writing.

So slowing down to the speed of now is to have the thought that I am thinking take up more of the present real time sense of what I am doing. The speed of now is always the same. Wow. What a thought hit that is. Does the speed of Now ever change. Relative to my feeling it certainly does. But in reality its always now and it has no speed. So if it is always now what am I slowing down to?

So the speed of now is not really an independent speed but a relative to something else speed . Slowing down to being with what is at this moment . Not rushing to finish this (whatever I am doing) to get to the next thing that I think I would rather be doing. So slowing down to the speed of now is really becoming one with what is at this moment.

Slowing down to the speed of now is a cessation of wanting anything to be any different than it is right now.

Take 5. Let a nice long breath just flow in. And out.

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