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I work with a marvelous staff of people who are practicing the art of smiling while working. Our job in addition to our smiling is to fix your smile.

Most of what we do to help your smile is either mechanical repair or prevention of smile breakdown, and most of smile breakdown comes from unhealthy teeth and gums.

Let's look at what constitutes healthy teeth and gums. Healthy gums have an even pink color right up to the edge of the gum where it meets the tooth. The shallow space between the gum and tooth is call a pocket, and should really be shallow, no more than 3mm deep (about 1/8 inch). The pink gum should have a stippled surface like the skin of an orange and be tight up against the teeth and supporting bone. The gums should be able to be brushed vigorously with no signs of bleeding.

Healthy teeth are free of holes, solidly held by the supporting bone, have an even color and make chewing food enjoyable. It's hard to smile if chewing is uncomfortable.

As the teeth are the center of a picture of your mouth and thus the center of a picture of your face they play a predominant role in how we look to both ourselves and others. After health and comfort and for some of us even before health and comfort is our appearance. Most cultures recognize a pleasant smile as having symmetry from side to side with the top front teeth balanced in the middle of the face. About 2/3 of the top teeth and 1/2 of the bottom teeth show in a happy smile. The lower edge of the top teeth follows the upward curve of the lower lip.

Research has shown that if you smile for 30 seconds you will start to think happy thoughts and conversely if you think happy thoughts for 30 seconds you will start to smile.

Where and when do you start? You start right where you are, right now. We will assist you in revealing what shape your mouth is in. How close to health are your gums, and teeth? How's your comfort in chewing, and how does your smile look?

Our smiling team of highly trained and motivated people are here to guide the repair of your mouth in a pleasant and most comfortable manner. We look at your mouth as the most important part of your body. Think about it, your mouth eats for you, talks for you, breathes for you and smiles for you. In "fact" your whole body is just used to carry around your mouth. Well maybe we get carried away, just a little bit. Anyway take a bite out of life and enjoy a healthy smile; its still in style.

Michael D. Selzer, DDS

Remember and sing along, "When your smiling, when your Smiling, the whole world smiles with you".

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